Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 ways to motivate yourself to practice guitar.

1. Get a Guitar stand. Keep your guitar out on a stand not in it's case. Just seeing your guitar will increase your motivation to practice guitar.

2. Create a song list. Find those guitar songs that motivate you and put them into a list and listen to them before your scheduled practice time.

3. Find a guitar buddy. When someone else shares our interests we naturally become more motivated.

4. Read a guitarist's bio. When we look behind the scenes of a successful guitarist we usually find someone who was once just like us. It's a big motivator.

5. Teach someone else guitar. Once I decided to teach guitar I realized I needed to practice what I was preaching. This certainly gave me motivation to practice.

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1 comment:

Phil Johnson said...

These are all really good tips. Even when you love the instrument it's tough to get motivated to practice sometimes.

Another couple things that help: Schedule the practice into your day like you would any other thing you have to do. After a couple weeks of gently forcing yourself, the practicing will become a habit.

It also helps to have a plan on what you're going to practice and for how long. Just having the plan can help get you going. It should be a combination warm up, technique, songs, and free play.