Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Sorry but I didn't have time to practice"

When students apologise to me for not practicing I usually respond by saying that there is no need to apologise or even feel guilty. I know their decision not to practice was not intentional but simply an inability to prioritise. Students who struggle to find the time practice just need to adjust their priorities. Now despite what many students may tell themselves this doesn't mean giving up other important activities. It usually means giving up time killers like TV or pointless Internet time. If you don't watch TV and only ever turn on your computer to check important emails you might be the exception but considering that the average person spends 5 hours per day on a screen  its unlikely you are the rare exception. If you want to get results on guitar the only way I know how is through practice and that means putting it high enough on your list of priorities that it gets done. 

Lack of time is not the real problem.
In summary if you want to learn guitar time is really not a valid excuse. If you find yourself using this excuse try keeping a diary for a week noting down how you spend your time and see if you truly have no available time. Something I have found that works really well is to prioritise what's important to you and do those things first. As an example my health comes first so each morning at 6 AM I head out for a morning workout. This ensures I get something done each day so I don't get to the end of my day and realise I'm too tired or it's too late to exercise. Make your guitar a priority and put it before you turn on the TV or computer and I guarantee that after a few weeks it will become a habit.

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