Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Discover your unique guitar voice

When we think of the great guitar players like Hendrix, Page, Santana, Gilmore, Van Halen we know they have a unique sound. In each case they played the guitar in their own way. They weren't trying to be the next whoever. Sure they had guitar influences but they followed their own compass. I believe in developing your guitar skills through training but not to be a so called parrot unless that's what you want. Playing a Van Halen solo or a Hendrix solo note for note might impress me for 2 minutes but it doesn't move me. I want to hear your guitar voice. This is hard for many people to do because we feel exposed. We know people approve of Hendrix but will they like my sound? The trick is not to worry about it. Just be yourself and keep developing your skills and eventually you will find your sound and if you perform often enough you will also find your audience. This for many musicians is the biggest challenge. Great skill combined with a unique creative approach is what creates a Hendrix. And perhaps a degree of self confidence.
David J. Hart
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