Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 misconceptions about learning guitar. No.1.

You need a certain amount of natural talent to play guitar. After more than 25 years of teaching guitar I can confidently say that natural talent is seriously over rated and more often than not is mistaken for early music exposure. In other words those children who are labelled with natural talent actually come from families where at least one parent plays or at least understands music. Mozart for example is often described as a prodigy as if to infer that he was born with a special gift when in fact his father Leopold was himself an exceptional musician and a leading music teacher in Europe at the time. Mozart's sister Marianne was also an outstanding harpsichord player and she may well have ended up as famous as her brother except for the fact that females were expected to marry so her music career came to an end. Even if natural talent does exist I doubt that it would make much difference after several thousands of hours of practice. The amount required to become a professional musician.

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