Sunday, August 12, 2012

Learning guitar using a system

Guitar teachers tend to fall into two camps. Those who teach using a system an those who do not. I belong to those who use a system of teaching guitar but it wasn't always the case. For over a decade I would teach each student by asking them what they were interested in and then filling the gaps. This definitely works but takes experience but for the most part it pales in comparison to using a system. The reason. System of teaching guitar is so effective is much the same as any system. The idea of any system is to have a reliable series of steps that when taken gives a consistent result. The beauty of a system is it can be improved upon. Once I started teaching via a system I began to see consistent results from my students and each small improvement to the system meant an improvement in student results. You might then ask why teachers would operate without system. In short it's because creating and developing a system takes time. Time that most teachers do not have. I took 2 years off to create and design my system initially and even then it was only half completed. It then took another year of actually teaching and tweaking to get it right. I am still making small improvements but only as required.

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