Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Guitar Players - Andy Summers

Summers started his guitar career way back in the 60s as the guitarist for Zoot Money's Big Roll Band. He was also involved in several other bands around that time including Eric Burdon and The Animals. Summers even had a brief encounter with Jimi Hendrix. No doubt a memorable occasion. By the 70's Summers was mostly a session guitarist working with big names like Joan Armatrading and Neil Sedaka. Summers was even considered by the Rolling Stones as a replacement for Mick Taylor.

Summers fame came from band The Police which exposed Summers talent as a creative guitarist. Songs like Every Breath you take, Walking on the Moon Message in a Bottle" are all good examples. .He also won a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental in 1980.

Summers has a distinctive sound making the most of available technologies and state of the art guitar effects such as chorus, flanger and echo effects. His favourite guitar is a customized Telecaster.

Summers has worked with a host of musicians and I would recommend to any serious electric guitarist to check out his work. Its truly inspirational.

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